Nimrod Moiseyev: Curriculum Vitae
December, 2016
Personal data
Date and place of birth: 15, 10, 1947 , Haifa, Israel
Nationality: Israel
# 1969 B.Sc. in Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
# 1972 M.Sc. in Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
# 1977 D.Sc. in Theoretical Chemistry, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Academic career
# 1977 Research Associate, TCI-Theoretical Chemistry Institute, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.
# 1980 Faculty member in Department of Chemistry (promotion to Associate Professor with tenure in 1984), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
# 1988 Professorship in chemistry (Bertha Hartz Axel Chair) and Head of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Theoretical Chemistry, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
# 1993-2013 Member in the joint Weizmann-Technion Minerva Center for Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems.                                                                                           # 2007 Professorship in Physics (secondary position), Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
Sabbatical terms
1986 University of Texas, Austin, USA
1997 UCLA, USA
2002 Harvard, USA
2012 Harvard, USA
2016 University of Pennsylvania, USA and University of Heidelberg, Germany
Honors and distinctions
2010 Medal of CMOA (Centre de Mecanique Ondulatiore Appliquee founded by Louis de Broglie) ”as a recognition of his contributions to the development of the non-hermitian quantum mechanic”. The first Medal (given to senior scientists for their significant contributions to science) was given in 2009 to Alberto Beswick from Toulouse (last PhD student of de Broglie).
2009 J. Phys. B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, dedicated a special issue (# 4, Vol. 42) on resonances to Nimrod Moiseyev on accounts of his ”research with important contributions”
2006 Landau award for Sciences and Research (Mifaal Ha Pais)
2006 The Israel Chemistry Society Prize for excellence in research
2002 The Kaplan Prize in Creative Management for 21st Century High Technology.
1996 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award to senior scientists
1994 Marie Curie Fellowship to senior scientists – Directorate General for Science Research and Development, Commission of the European Communities
1981 Yigal Allon Fellow, award for Young Outstanding Scientists in Universities in Israel” (The first awardee in Physics and Chemistry in Israel)

Project management and organization of the Chair of Theoretical Chemistry
Average size of the group, including chemistry and physics undergraduate project students, PhDstudents, post-docs, visiting scientists: 10
Number of PhD theses successfully concluded: 16 (Among them holding academic positions: Nir Ben-Tal, Prof. of Bio-information in Tel Aviv University; Uri Peskin Prof. of Theoretical Chemistry at the Technion; Ofir Alon, Prof. of Theoretical Physics in Haifa University; Vitali Averbuch, Lecturer of Theoretical Physics in Imperial Collage; Ed Narevichus, Associate Prof. of Chemical Physics in Weizmann Institute of Science; Avner Fleischer, Ass. Professor of Chemistry, Tel-Aviv University; Shmuel Osovski, Ass. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion and many leaders in R&D at high technology industry)
Number of MSc theses successfully concluded: 6
Number of foreign collaborators who have been holding grants (mainly awarded by Lady Davis Foundation, Schulich fellowships and Minerva Center of Non-linear Physics of Complex Systems): 20
Numerous national and international collaborations
Administrative tasks and memberships within the university
 Head of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Theoretical Chemistry
Head of the Technion branch of the Minerva Center of Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems
Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry
Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry
External member of the Physics Faculty
Founder and head of the Chais Program of Excellence at the Technion
Member of the directory of the Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics at the Hebrew University
Member or Head of Commissions for Academic Appointments of Distinguished Professors and Distinguished Invited Professors and of Harvey Prize at the Technion
Member of various other Commissions, in particular the Commission for Computation
Publications, presentations, and bibliometric indicators
More than 300 publications in internationally reputed journals (20 in Physical review letters).  For a complete list see: nimrodhp/publications/list.pdf
h-index: 36 (according to the ISI Web of Knowledge database)
The first textbook ever written on Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics, N. Moiseyev, Non-hermitian Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2011.
A textbook in Hebrew  on Quantum Mechanics (for chemists, physicists, and engineers) N. Moiseyev, The Hebrew University Magnes Press : Quantum Mechanics : from foundations to Applications, The Hebrew University Magnes Press, (two volumes 864 pages), 2015.
More than 4000 citations (excluding self-citations). The number of citations each year issteadily growing over the past decade indicating the contemporary nature of the research.