Our group

Our group (current)

Dr. Arik landau, Senior Research Associate (Chem.), alandau@technion.ac.il, Research on: Developing of computational methods for calculating molecular autoionization resonances and their properties.

Dr. Debarati Bhattacharya, Post. Doc. (Chem.), debarati01@gmail.com, Research on:  Calculations of complex potential energy surfaces and their interactions with laser fields.

Dr. Adi Pick, Post. Doc. (Phys.), pick.adi@gmail.com, Research on: Exceptional points and their effects in quantum optics.

Hanna Martiskainen, PhD student (Phys.), hanna.martiskainen@gmail.com, Research on: Multiphoton dynamics in the low laser frequency regime.

Anatoli Tsinovoy, MSc student (Phys.),  anatoli.tsinovoy@gmail.com, Research on:  Resonance poles in the collision of Helium and Potassium including all hyperfine and nuclear-electron spin interactions.

Nitsan Blau, nitsan@campus.technion.ac.il, BSc student (Math. Phys.), Research on: Resonances from stabilization graphs by Pade’ approximates.

Idan Haritan, PhD student, (Chemistry), haritan@campus.technion.ac.il , Research on: Design experiments for the observation of light induced conical intersection (LICI) and  for the observation of self-orthogonality effects in chemical reactions induced by light.

Anael Ben-Asher, PhD student (Chem.), anaelba0@gmail.com, Research on:  Theory for cold molecular collision experiments.

Gal Bouskila, BSc student (Chem.), galboski@gmail.com, Research on: Autoionization  and photo induced dynamics  in electronically excited negative charged Uracil

Our group (alumni)


Nuphar Lipkin (Chemistry), PhD in 1992,  Thesis:  Investigation of resonance states by the complex coordinate method.

Nir Ben-Tal (Chemistry), PhD in 1992, Thesis:Non-linear dynamics of time independent and temporally periodic systems.

Uri Peskin (Chemistry), PhD in 1993, Thesis:Resonances, transition probabilities and partial widths by the complex coordinate method.

Naomi Rom (Chemistry), PhD in 1995, Thesis:Determination of tunneling rates through potential barriers

Ilya Vorobechik (Chemistry) , PhD in 1999, Thesis: Study of electro-magnetic wave propagation in optical devices by quantum mechanical methods.

Ofir Alon (Physics-Chemistry), MSc in 1994, Thesis:  Partial widths and coherent control of chemical reactions by the time dependent gauge transformations  , PhD in 2001, Thesis: Selection rues for the high harmonic generation spectra by the dynamical symmetry analysis.

Vitali Averbukh (Chemistry), PhD in 2001, Thesis: Multiphoton processes induced by high intensity fields.

Alexander Kenis (Physics), PhD in 2002, Thesis on: Design of optical devices by means of quantum mechanical approaches and computational methods.

Hadas Barkay (Chemistry), MSc in 2002, Thesis: Resonant tunneling phenomena in multi-dimensional systems.

Ido Gilary (Chemistry), MSc in 2003, Thesis: Photo-induced dynamikcs of driven systems in the high frequency regime, PhD in 2007, Thesis: Dynamics of wavepackets in non-hermitian quantum mechanics.

Edvardas Narevicius (Chemistry), PhD in 2002, Thesis: Non-hermitian quantum mechanics: fingerprints of overlapping resonances in observable quantities.

Shmuel Osovski (Chemistry), MSc in 2006, Thesis on: Fingerprints of classical chaos in manipulation of cold atoms in one-dimensional optical lattices.

Avner Fleischer (Chemistry), PhD in 2007, Thesis on: High harmonic generation from atoms subjected to two-color laser field.

Yoav Berlatzky (Physics), PhD in 2007, Thesis on: Scattering from non-continuous 2D potentials: Theory and applications.

Shachar Klaiman (chemistry), PhD in 2010, Thesis on: Resonances in mesoscopic systems.

Ira Cherkes (Nano-sciences), MSc in 2010,  Thesis: Electron relaxation in quantum dots by the Interatomic coulombic decay Mechanism.

Raam Uzdin (Physics), PhD in 2012, Thesis on: The effects of non-hermitian degeneracies on light and matter interactions.

Tamar Goldzak, (Nano-sciences) PhD in 2017, Thesis on: Interatomic coulombic decay in quantum wells.


Ashish Gupta, 2003-2007, HGS for graphite and QDs; trapping molecules by light.

Y. Sajeev, 2006-2009, Autoionization of atom and molecules and quantum dots by reflection free CAPS.

Balanarayan Pananghat, 2010-2013, Molecular chemistry in strong laser fields.

Ido Gilary, 2008-2016 (senior research associate from 2011), Non-hermitian QM: formalism of partial widths and applications.

Petra Ruth Zdanska-Kapralova, 2003-2006, HGS for Benzene and He using  time-dependent non-hermitian (NH)-TDSE; NH adiabatic formalism for antiproton collisions.

Milan Sindelka, 2006-2012 (Senior research associate since 2010), Light matter dipole and quadruple interactions and LICI (light/laser induced  conical intersection)

Mariusz Pawlak, 2014-2015,  LICI effect on localization of molecules in optical lattices.