Quantum Mechanics: From Foundations to Applications (Hebrew-2 volumes)

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The cover of the book in Hebrew on quantum mechanics from foundations to applications describes interference pattern of waves. In quantum mechanics particles are described as matter waves.

A textbook in Hebrew  on Quantum Mechanics (for chemists, physicists, and engineers)N. Moiseyev, The Hebrew University Magnes Press : Quantum Mechanics : from foundations to Applications, The Hebrew University Magnes Press, (two volumes 864 pages), 2015.

NHQM-non hermitian quantum mechanics

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The first textbook ever written on Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics, N. Moiseyev, Non-hermitian Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 2011.

cover NHQM book

The cover of the book on non-hermitian quantum mechanics describes four dice to remind the readers that quantum mechanics provide statistical distribution for measurements of dynamical quantities even when the detectors are perfect (no deterministic laws in nature). The picture reminds the reader Einstein’s remark that “God does not play dice with the universe.” The symbols on the four dice indicate on the non-hermitian properties of the systems that are in metastable states: Complex energy, finite life time, and self-singularity (known as Exceptional Points in the spectrum).