Schematic representation of experimental results showing time-asymmetric switch in microwave setup. This switch is based on the exceptional point (EP) mechanism. Nature 2016, JPA 2011, PRA 2013

Calculations of reaction rates for cold molecular collisions with no fitting parameters showing a remarkable agreement with experimental results obtained by Prof. Ed Narevicius in the Weizmann institute (based on calculations of complex potential energy surfaces and adiabatic approach for calculating cross sections for cold molecular collisions). Nature Physics 2016, JCTC 2017 (1), JCTC2 2017 (2).

PT in optics and EP effects on the dynamics in two coupled WGs with gain and loss. PRL 2008

Stopping light by the the exceptional point (EP) mechanism. In the picture propagation of a wave packet in two coupled PT symmetry (gain and loss) wave guides. Clearly the wave packet does not propagate in time. PDF

Calculation of resonances (autoionizaion of Helium) by analytical continuation of real energies obtained from standard quantum chemistry packages (Q-Chem). JPC A 2016

The development of perturbation theory for studying the photo induced dynamics in extremely low frequency laser electromagnetic radiation.
This approach enables one to use the standard quantum chemistry packages to get from calculated dc-stark shifts the ac-stark shifts in the low frequency regime.
JCP 2017